The Millennium Experience

Millennium Experience

Client First Focus

Our clients’ profitability and success is the reason Millennium exists. At Millennium, we believe that acting as a partner and putting your needs before our bottom line is what makes Millennium different.

Driven To Win

At our very core, we want to help clients win projects, and be part of their success by earning them business. If we don’t earn your client business the first time, we will ask what we can do better the next time.

Commitment to Education

Millennium believes investing in education and experience is the only way to truly service clients. That is true for our own staff, and true for our commitment to our clients. Millennium will always offer training, seminars and the presentation of new ideas to keep our team and clients current and functional so we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.


Everything matters. Every role within our business, from the initial sales, meeting through the time an order is complete, is designed to work as a seamless team to provide clients the Millennium Experience. Our team will work together to communicate with clients to minimize or eliminate delays and surprises on their projects. Every position works together to push forward and help clients win with Millennium.

Relationship Based Business

Millennium doesn’t work with every customer and vendor. We carefully select those clients and vendors with the right mix of requirements and products and build relationships that last by consistently setting and exceeding expectations. Relationships are critical to providing high-quality products, excellent support, fair pricing and on time delivery.

Who We Serve

Millennium focuses on geographically under-served markets. We seek out locations where projects and contractors are building and historically have to ship in materials from miles, sometimes states, away. We will position and stocks a breadth of inventory driven by our clients’ requirements and location and service a three hour radius from that location.

Millennium is capable of handling almost any size client and providing premium service. The additional value Millennium provides to our clients, which sets us apart, is typically noticed most by small to mid-sized contractors and end users. These are generally companies with annual sales below $50M. Therefore growing together with these clients has become our core focus.

Millennium is redefining communication products and capital equipment distributions in our industry. Our clients can operate in a lean fashion by minimizing their own required inventory levels, shipping costs and purchasing personnel. Millennium is dedicated to bringing a new level of service to our industry in the coming decade.

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